Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post, The first

Hello Blogger, and hello world of blogging.

So, I am Sinj and this is my blog. (stating the obvious-something I am good at)
I watched the new Star Trek movie yesterday and was very impressed, even more so then I was expecting. Zachary Quinto did such a great job as Spock and Chris Pine was nothing to shrug at as Kirk. I like that they have passed this torch and the way they went about it was great.

Heroes season 3 ended just 2 weeks ago and I am already craving new episodes, I do hope they return...
If not i am still happy with how it ended and would be fine leaving it there.
I will breakdown in fits of anger if it does not return.

Comic Sins # 2 is underway now and soon there will be previews to show off. For now the things we know are:
1. There will be a new and improved Scarebears section.
2. Sintime will of course be returning this time around, but with a few twists.
3. There will be an introduction to Bunny and Baxter.
4. Bad Day Benjamin is having at least one more bad day.
5. we are getting a shrink this time around... but he isn't that stable.
6. Returning for this issue we have the great work of Moe Norman, Erin C, and Chris Burke.

The TwoGooOneGee team will be appearing at this years Fan Expo in Toronto as COMICSINS.
Prints pins sketchbooks and live sketching can be expected.
More updates on that to come in the next little while.


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