Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post, the second

Decided to upload a few pieces just to set the mood for what is to become of this blog.
We first have Wild Bologna. Wild is not your average Bologna. He is a big fan of Human Females and... well killing anything that gets in the way of him getting his girl. And here we have one of our beloved Manikin PD impostors. The always lovely #5 is trained in many deadly arts and is helping our favorite Dick, Emit solve some very important cases.

This is a put together of just a few sketches I have done lately.
Miss Mosh and Gwen Stephani.
This is an older sketch I had forgotten about and came upon yesterday while pouring my way through the mountain of sketch pages I have laying in the corner. (birthday 2008)
Hope you like, and will check back to see more soon.


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